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Hi, This is Mahsa

Hello my name is mahsa rezaei a mom who is always in search to become a better mom after a lot of Searching and Consulting I've understood that the only way to become a better mum is to become a better version of myself because my child is a reflection of me I'm a coffee lover and nothing can make me happier than a simple family walk , motherhood is my badge of honor and my turning point in life And all of my dream is is to transfer this positivity around motherhood to all of the mothers . As far as I remember I was an eager beaver my PhD in business administration alongside with my master's degree in electrical engineering and another master's degree in it management gave me every Confidence in my main career as a business intelligence analyst and I do some sort of Ielts coaching as a hobby beside that but to tell you the truth the most pleasurable part of my job is running working on my own idea on my own start up I mean on my own mamanest, mamanest is truely A reflection of my love to all of the mums It's a project that doesn't allow me to sleep for more than 4 or 5 hours a day and I believe it can help a lot of Mum's .

MamaBest Academy

Are you struggling to grow in all areas of your life?

  • Workshop 1: Design your Attainable Best Self
    Tue, Apr 18
    Practical tips from designing your best self to planning and managing your life to realize your dreams
  • Workshop 2: Attain your Best Self
    Tue, Apr 18
    How to make time for my goals? How to improve your productivity? How to prioritize my tasks? How to stay committed to my plans? How to manage my time?
  • Workshop 3: Your Constructive Lifestyle
    Wed, Apr 19
    How to live a successful lifestyle? How to make Productivity possible? What is your day structuce? How to live in a Constructive way? What is Constructive Lifestyle?
  • Workshop 4: I will Keep Growing
    Wed, Apr 19
    Focus on yourself Resilience on the way to growth Continuous Decluttering A Pleasurable Growth Journey Commitment & Consistency

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What we believe at MamaNest

What you Think about MamaNest!

Dear mahsa you inspired me and helped me to grow And I appreciate that you taught me to believe in myself You taught me how much I am capable of and i could achieve my goals if I was willing to put effort in, This is a lesson that I am trying to use in so many areas of my life

Farideh Razmi

Dear Mahsa you Taught me a lot about motherhood journey , you made me free from wrong beliefs , You taught me motherhood with love , happiness , Progress And with self confidence. You taught me that in anyway I’m enough , powerful , good and Beautiful.

Maryam Balouchi

learning English seemed to be an unattainable dream for me...

But as soon as I found MamaNest, listening to its podcast became my daily routine...

the fact that we can grow together in one place was also very satisfying for me...

I was also free to make mistakes and it was perfect and I would recommend it to all.

Nadia Jouyandeh

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